The Human Resource Management For Book Builders

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Book Builders Incorporated Today’s publisher is looking for book manufacturers that can fulfill their distribution needs. Book Builders offers a full range of products that can satisfy publisher needs. The core of the company lies in the philosophies and the employees that work for the company. The employees make the company who it is making it equally important for the company to see to their needs. The human resource management for Book Builders strives to meet the needs of the employees to ensure a happy, productive environment that helps make Book Builders a leader in the book manufacturing industry.
Company Background
Building Books Overview Building Books Incorporated is a family owned book manufacturing located in the United States of America. The main manufacturing facility is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan with remote smaller “short run” sites located across the country. The company partners with international printers in other world regions to offer in country printing services in Australia as well as The United Kingdom. Building Books Incorporated manufactures primarily educational books for use in educational organizations. In addition the organization produces various journals and other printed media such as posters. Books can be manufactured in quantities from one to one million units. In addition to printed material the organization offers various services such as eBook conversions, storages solutions, and compositor capabilities. The organization
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