The Immense Impacto o Sleeping on our Health

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Research Paper “Insomnia is a complex condition caused by a number of factors.” A lack of sleep is one of the outbreaks of the 21st century. Sleeping has an immense impact on our health conditions and daily lives. Since it was first discovered in the 17th century all the way until now, the 21st century, people have found many approaches to treat insomnia. Evidently, they have now found many more causes for it then they had when they previously discovered insomnia. From home remedies to medications and therapies, people with insomnia are able to use different ways to cure themselves today than they had when it was first discovered. Back in the 17h century, insomnia was known as the ‘ horrible torture’, something that could possibly lead on the insanity. Therefore from this we can conclude that insomnia was taken way more seriously than it is today. Usually in the early 17th-18th century people would take two sets of sleep in a single night. One from early in the morning after sunset, another from 3 am to morning sunrise. The usual 8 hour sleeping schedule first started in the late 18th century to early 19th century. By the 20th century, the term insomnia started appearing more in English writing, as people started to suffer more from this. Some people have pointed out that the cause of the greater use of this word has to do with the ‘ wired culture; and increased distraction.’ It also had to do with the new sleeping schedule, which was around 8 hours of sleep a

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