The Impact Of Internet On The Level Of Competition

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The ways in which the internet will affect the level of competition in this industry and for this case include the following; Cost Reduction In the previous years, the film industry in Japan used to make use of many employees in the production process. That means that the company spends a lot of money in paying for labor. With the availability of the internet, there are animated pictures that are found on the internet and can be used for the film production industry. That means that the number of employees who are used in production will be reduced. The company will also be able to work in a fast way. That means that the wages that were paid to the drawer over the three months of production will be drastically reduced (Gardner, and Howard,…show more content…
Availability of High Skilled Staff With the availability of the internet, the companies in the film production industry will be able to advertise for job vacancies via the internet. Internet adverts usually go wide and broad. That means that the companies will have a wide variety of staff to select. That means they will get the best skills from all over the world. Availability of skilled labor will lead to more innovations in the company, and that will result in company efficiency. Availability of efficient staff usually leads to increased efficiency that cuts on the costs of the company (Bartlett, & Ghoshal, 140). From the above advantages of the use of the internet, then to is evident that it will be the next big thing that brings about competition. Companies should invest in technology so that they can benefit from the advantages that accrue from the use of technology. With a rapidly growing technological environment, it is advisable for companies to invest more in technology and that will be their biggest source of competitive advantage (Due, 56). Strategies That Can Be Adopted Every organization should have laid down strategies that will help in the achievement of the goals of a company. The first thing for a company is to set up its goals. The goals will help in determining the strategy that will be used in a company. A company
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