The Impact Of Netflix On The World Wide Web

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History of Netflix With high-tech computers on the rise, the 1990s served as a prosperous decade in technological advances. Of that decade, 1993 may have been the most important year; it was the year that CERN released its World Wide Web technology to the rest of the world, allowing users to connect to computers and servers all over the world (“World Wide Web Timeline,” 2014). Arguably one of the most important technological advancements in the last quarter century, the World Wide Web has allowed many people all around the world to connect via internet and introduced a new means of performing business tasks. As advancements to the World Wide Web and computers prevailed, more and more businesses started running strictly online. In 1997, a…show more content…
Taking well advantage of the opportunity, Netflix has emerged as a unique leader in the entertainment industry. With such an idea that led to the formation of their service, marketing and advertising for Netflix had become seemingly easy for the brand. Current Situation Netflix has done something that most streaming websites could not achieve: legal, easy, and affordable use of movies and TV shows. According to Netflix’s website, this year nearly $1 Billion will be spent on marketing alone, claiming that they are “getting people so excited about our content that they try Netflix” (“Internet TV is replacing linear TV,” n.d.). Taking advantage of the limitless Internet, Netflix has successfully reached their target markets. Innovation of the Internet and at Netflix has made the company able to accomplish its objectives by providing a convenient service and solution for its customers. Target Market Through total company effort, increasing customer satisfaction and profits, they have successfully implemented a marketing orientation. Although the customer satisfaction is now at good levels, Netflix suffered a bad spike in customer satisfaction when they hiked up their prices (Stelter, 2014). In its efforts to reach more customers, Netflix has developed a high-quality marketing strategy. With figuring out a market strategy, we must start with identifying the
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