The Impact of Global Warming

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Impact of Global Warming Table of Contents Impact of Global Warming 1 Abstract 4 Introduction 5 Global Warming 5 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 6 First Assessment (1990--1994) 7 The Second Assessment (1995) 7 The Third Report (2000) 7 The Latest Report (2001) 7 Nonliving Factors Causing Global Warming 7 Living Factors Causing Global Warming 8 Affected Living and Nonliving Creatures of Global Warming 8 Rising Seas 8 Changes in Rainfall Patterns 8 Melting of the Ice Caps 8 Widespread Vanishing of Animal Populations 9 Spread of Disease 9 Loss of Plankton Due to Warming Seas 9 Evaluation of Current Sustainability Strategies and Solutions Measures to Attain Sustainability 9 Boosting Energy Efficiency 9 Greening Transportation 9 Reviving Up Renewables 10 Phasing Out Fossil Fuel Electricity 10 Managing Forests and Agriculture 10 Exploring Nuclear 10 Benefits of Measures to Attain Sustainability 10 Challengesof Measures to Attain Sustainability 11 Required Government, Societal and Global Support 11 Conclusion 12 References 13 Abstract This paper deciphers the risks and damages associated with global warming. All the hazards are discussed in detail along with living and nonliving factors that causes or are affected by global warming. Measures to attain sustainability are also discussed thoroughly. Benefits and challenges to attain sustainability are also argued. Introduction Climate
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