The Importance Of Animal Research On Animals

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Animals do have the ability to make decisions due to the use of neurotransmitters like dopamine and the development of prefrontal cortex.
This paper will discuss the different experiments that were conducted to determine whether or not animals are capable of making simple decisions or more complex decisions. I will go through articles that talk about the choices that animals make when faced with different controlled and not controlled conditions. I will conclude my paper by restating the thesis and whether it was supported by the evidence in the articles I chose as well as state the limitations that were found in the articles. I will also talk about some future research that is needed in the field of animal research and decision making.
Animals have been compared to humans for many years. Some theories say that we were created as animals first and then evolved into what we are today. With our brains being very similar to those of animals such as chimpanzees and bottlenose dolphins, it’s hard to not support the evidence that has been presented about animals and how they are able to do things like make logical decisions just like us.
Bardgett and colleagues (2009) conducted a study to determine the individual contribution of different dopamine receptors to effort-based decision making in rats. Just like humans, different chemicals in the brain can influence decision making. In this case, they looked at rats (Rattus norvegicus). There were 9 adult rats who were grouped in 3

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