The Importance Of Assessment In Early Childhood Education

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Assessment in education settings is an ongoing process which requires planning, discussion, reflection, analysing and improving based on the data collected. To collect an in-depth understanding of the student’s knowledge, a balance approach of assessment is essential. This essay will first explore a balanced approach in prior to school settings in relation to early years learning framework. Secondly, diagnostic, formative and summative assessment in a school setting will be discussed in relation to a balanced approach of assessment. Finally, the need for a balanced approach will be thought about in regards to the evidence provided.

Assessment in the early years is the process of continual data collection about the student’s learning and using this data to make adjustments to the curriculum, environment and schedule to suit the needs of the class. To collect the data, observations recorded as learning stories and anecdotal records have been the preferred method. However, this led to concerns about the narrowing view of assessment within early childhood education (Fraser & McLaughlin, 2016, p. 8). As stated by Zhang (2015, p. 69), assessment in early childhood should not rely on one method of collection, rather provide a range of ways for student’s to demonstrate their understanding. The data collected from using a balanced approach to assessment provides opportunities to gather a diverse range of documentation that displays a more thorough picture of the learning and

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