The Importance Of Code Switching In Society

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The way in which we talk to people is a defining factor in our lives. For example, if we know how to use the right words around people, such as talking in a professional way for an interview, we know that we have a better chance of being “accepted” by the group of people, or community, that we are interacting with. Life is about connecting with others and the more efficiently we can code-switch, the more success we can have whether it be in a romantic relationship, interacting with friends, or even talking to parents. Code-switching is about the art of changing language to conform to social situations. Changing language is not just about changing the verbal dialogue in a situation. It is also about facial expressions and nonverbal cues as well. If someone is a master at code switching, ultimately someone can prosper in life because they can easily acclimate to the community they are conversing with. On a more personal level, I frequently code-switch between two different communities: my friends and my parents. With my parents, I talk in a formal and polite type of way and when I am with friends, I talk more in slang. Both my parents and my friends have unique characteristics that are part of a diverse community. Throughout my life, I had been a very introverted person and I did not start making true friendships until I was in high school. It was intriguing to notice that the characteristics between members of my friend group were virtually the same unlike those of my

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