The Importance Of Collaborative Projects Benefit From Reflection

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When one ponders upon the value to which collaborative projects benefit from reflection; two key perspectives must be pursued – Leadership and group interactions. Collaborative projects relates to working with another in a joint project - working with others requires the understanding of group dynamics , individuals’ characters/ attitudes and most importantly the task- in order to ensure the successful completion of said project.
The MPS (management process study) provides an excellent analytical backdrop for an analysis on the value of using reflection due the learning experiences it provides.

Leadership is the process of influencing the activities of an organised group in its effort toward goal setting and goal achievement (Huczynski …show more content…

(Stogdill, 1948,35-71). On the other hand there were some characteristics our leader fell short of – his unwillingness to accept consequence of the decisions (Stogdill,1948,35-71) which occurred on the day of our (MPS) presentation whereby he had placed himself in charge of the printing of our proposed plan weeks ahead of the presentation, in order to ensure errors could be altered ahead of time. Contrary to this it was in fact on the day of the presentation he began printing and hours before errors were spotted within the plan which then required reprinting – rather than accepting responsibility for the delay which was caused as a consequence of his actions , he proceeded to justify his disorganisation by saying he had not had time to print the plan as he had other assignments due – on reflection of the challenge faced here and from an organisational perspective there is an intolerance for excuses- task set have deadlines and will directly impact upon the progression of the company or a particular division within the company, the key skill here is organisation and preparation . Furthermore contrary to Stogdills characteristics our leader was one of the shortest individuals within the group but still retained the position of leadership, we see in modern day society that many emerging leaders may not the tallest but are

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