The Importance Of Knowledge And Skills A Newly Qualified Nurse

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This essay will discuss the qualities, knowledge and skills a newly qualified nurse is expected to possess whilst looking after a male patient who is bedbound. Namely, the essay focusses on the 6C’s of NHS Careers guide which are care, compassion, competence, communicaiton, courage and commitment.
Adult Nursing is a challenging yet rewarding occupation whereby nurses are expected to perform to the highest standard possible to provide excellent care for a range of adults of all ages and health conditions. Nurses must follow a code of conduct provided by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to ensure a high level of care is maintained for the patients and their family’s satisfaction. The nurse must be able to show characteristics and qualities of a good nurse i.e. “as a nurse you are a listener, a manager and a knowledgeable skilled professional” (NHS Careers, 2015). Looking after a bedbound patient may be particulary challenging as you have to consider your patients needs which will require you to use all aspects of your nursing knowledge and skills. “You will also need to have the right values and behaviours to become a nurse. These are defined by the 6C’s: Care, Compassion, Competence, Communicaiton, Courage and Commitment” (NHS Careers, 2015).
A bedbound patient is an adult who is confined to a bed due to a health condition, accident or disabilty which consequently prevents them from being able to carry out every day tasks which are considered to be normal without

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