The Importance Of Leadership And Customer Service In Japan Airlines

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What business is the company in?
ANA (All Nippon Airways) is a Japan airlines whose aim to provide excellent hospitality to its customers. Since the expanse of its services include international flights the company has extended it resources to train employees especially flight attendants on how to respond to the needs of global travelers.
How does this video portray customer service?
Customers service is the highest priority within this firm which is not taken for granted. Therefore, it seems that the company understands that there is a constant need to enhance the quality of service by establishing three principles: customers are priority, it's essential to pay attention to detail and strive to exceed the customer's expectations.
What does this video say about leadership?
Customer service starts with leadership. A good leader takes the lead, clearly communicates the vision and makes sure that the staff and company has the tools to succeed. Managers and leaders understand that a company cannot strive without an effective team. John Maxwell stated “ Your team can either make or break you.” In order to avoid being broken, leader lead by example and make sure resources are in place to provide quality customer service.
How do leadership and customer service relate to each other?
There is a direct correlation between leadership and customer service because its a leader or manager responsibility to provide the necessary tools in order for employees to deliver

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