The Importance Of Leadership Within A Hso And The Individuals Working Within It Essay

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An important aspect that all human service organizations (HSO) need to have to run efficiently and effectively is a strong presence of leadership. Leadership must be clearly understood and applied accordingly to make a difference within the HSO. Therefore, leadership is defined as a process that an individual takes to influence people to achieve common goals and objectives of the organization (Edwards & Austin, 2006; Northouse, 2016). To clearly show the benefits and effects of leadership within a HSO, there will be three main topics discussed. To begin, there are many aspects of leadership that a HSO needs to be effective in its leadership practice. Therefore, three major leadership skills will be discussed to show how the needs within a HSO is met. Next, research shows that there are various theories of leaderships that can be apply to a HSO and the individuals working within it. One specific theory that is commonly used is Transformational Leadership Theory. Transformational leadership will be defined, analyzed, and applied to an organization called Horizon House, Inc. to show how this theory is used in a practical setting. Finally, it is important for leaders working within the human services field to self-evaluate themselves and their leadership style. Thus, an evaluation of the writer’s personal leadership style and philosophy will be discussed. These three topics will show how leadership is essential within a HSO. A HSO can be a complexed entity if it does not have

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