The Importance Of Listening And Deep Listening

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It is inevitable to be surrounded by sounds. No matter where you go, there will never be a place without sound. This is precisely why causal and deep listening are both necessary skills to have. In my paper I will address the theme of how deep listening makes us better understand the world and the importance of adhering to both causal listening and deep listening. I intend to show that by analyzing the differences in causal listening and deep listening and by referencing the works of Hendy, Chion, and Novak, as well as my own personal experiences.
The actual process of deep listening is a difficult task. However, when done right, it opens up a world full of sounds. One thing to establish before moving on is that deep listening, also known as reduced listening, is very different than causal listening. To further define it, “reduced listening is the listening mode that focuses on the traits of the sound itself, independent of its cause and of its meaning” (Chion). In other words, reduced listening is something that we have to forcefully enact. It is not commonly implemented in our daily lives, and oftentimes, it takes a very trained ear to do so. Listening solely for the purpose of analyzing sound, and sound alone is no easy task. For example, it was very hard to differentiate sounds during my assignment. I over-generalized most things, and needed a visual representation to comprehend most sounds.
On the other hand, causal listening “consists of listening to a sound in order

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