The Importance Of Nurse Practitioning : A Health Career With Good Prospects For A Work Essay

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From a general point of view, nurse practitioning is a health-career with good prospects for a varied work in different departments and clinics. Often working alongside physicians, Nurse Practitioners have finally acquired the prescriptive authority despite related controversies. While RN’s (Registered Nurse) focus on providing patient care, and counseling, a NP’s schedule includes more independence. “The role of the NP is more independent, and includes diagnosis, prescribing medication, and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses and injuries” (Barnes, 142). However, from my personal perspective, the variety and the services of a nurse practitioner means that one always have the opportunity to learn new things that contribute to development. The purpose of this paper is to develop the 5 educational steps necessary in becoming a NP. To further understand the educational path to Nurse Practitioning, I will discuss the transitions from a registered nurse, to a Nurse Practitioner and it’s issues. Lastly, this paper will identify various factors in the health-industry that forms controversies between NPs and physicians in topics such as prescriptive authority. .

There are a couple fundamental steps required for almost any professional job. It is especially important for career-based jobs that involves critical care of a patient’s life. Surely, the demand for NPs in nation’s hospitals is drastically growing (Jennings, 422). This demand has resulted in many registered nurses

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