The Importance Of Safety And Health Program

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Most employees do not set out to break rules or not follow programs implemented by the company. However, in a lot of cases this occurs because the program or policy is written or enforced in a way that the employees do not understand. According to Doug Keare, “If a program is complex, complicated, or over-engineered, it will be hard for most employees to engage in it.” Using terminology that is easy to understand is critical when writing these programs. Industry jargon that most people have never heard is not helpful. Be very clear on what is expected to proactively avoid any issue from arising. For instance, this could cover the operation of a piece of equipment or working in a location with excessive height. Whatever the topic, lay out …show more content…

A wellness program outlines the necessary tools and skills to maintain a healthier work environment through the use of rewards, incentives, gym membership discounts, wellness apps, company health focused newsletters, and goal oriented wellness initiatives. Successful wellness programs have the participation of the employees within the company and offer incentives that make the achievement of healthier goals attainable for all participants. Companies that encourage wellness programs will improve the employee’s health, reduce stress, improve overall morale, and enhance self-esteem. The wellness program would include counseling for mental health, reducing stress, and help with substance abuse through the EAP program. Drug testing would be required for all employees, and a substance abuse free workplace would be enforced to protect the safety of the company and its employees (Mondy and Martocchio). Wellness programs will show employees that the company values them and cares about their overall well-being. According to Llona Bray, wellness programs provide guidance and the necessary skills to improve the overall health of all employees. An important emphasis should be placed on wellness programs in the workplace since they provide a great benefit to the company by increasing the level of productivity

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