The Importance Of Sexual Harassment In The Military

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Sexual assault and sexual harassment is a very large and seems to be never ending problem. The United States Army has made it a top priority to combat sexual harassment across the force by developing and implementing programs in 2008. These programs are ongoing and will continuously evolve until sexual harassment and sexual assault are irradiated from the force.
“The Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention Program (SHARP) are a high priority as an "enduring mission" across the force. Almost universally, there is an understanding that the Army's culture, the military's culture, has to change. Given that near-universal understanding, there have been commensurately few essays or articles in military professional media that address the status of the Army's SHARP efforts critically. Generally, the institutional Army is attacking this problem as hard as it has anything in its history. However, in addressing the issues involved, it still struggles with exactly what the culture is that it is in need of change and precisely what needs to be done to fix it.” -By Fromm, Peter D
POSH (prevention of sexual harassment) was one of the Army’s first programs to combat sexual harassment. However, many will say the program was more reactive to allegations of sexual harassment than preventative. In 2004, Secretary of the Army launched a task force to review the program. With these findings, the Secretary of the Army developed a new program called SAPR (sexual assault

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