The Importance Of Wireless Systems

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The wireless technology recorded the magnificent growth since its foundation as the result there has been an surprise growth in the number of users using wireless all over the world during the last decade. As the number of user increases, the system operators regularly deploy smaller cells to increase the system capacity. As the cell size reduces, the crossing of cell boundary increases which results, a higher handoff rate. Handoff process enables a cellular system to provide such a facility by transferring an active call from one cell to another. Further, in addition to voice communication the use of many other services such as multimedia, e-mail and data services came into existence. Therefore to increase the capacity, the service area…show more content…
There is a provision of reserved channels for handoff calls of LSMT whereas handoff calls of HSMT are to be admitted in umbrella macro call. Two-layer cellular architecture model with buffer and subrating is proposed in the model, In subrating scheme, the reserved channels of micro cellular calls may be splitted into two half rate channels. A queue for waiting handoff calls of HSMT in umbrella macro call is formed. The channel holding times for new calls and handoff calls are assumed to be different in all the models.

Analytic Model
In a cellular network, we assumed that there is C numbers of channels in which R number of channels are reserved for handoff calls. If the non reserved channels are free then new call is admitted else it is blocked. Both types of traffic uses the remaining S= C- R channels. The following assumptions for modelling purpose are made:
• Cellular system consists of CM macro layers each having Cm micro layers. The Macro layer receives fresh traffic for the network where as the micro layer only deals with the traffic inside the network structure.
• Both voice and data calls originate in the layers according to Poisson process in cellular network with mean rate µ1N and µ2N respectively. The handoff voice (data) calls are also assumed to arrive in Poisson fashion with mean arrival rates λ1H , λ2H , λ1HV , λ2HV.
Here we considered
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