The Importance of Adolescence in Creating Successful Adults

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For adolescents who are of a sexual minority, these developmental tasks often coincide with, or are dominated by, a crisis of self-concept where these adolescents find themselves suddenly and involuntarily associated with a stigmatized group (Hutchinson, 2012). While recent literature has taken steps to study the effect of being a sexual minority adolescent, often these attempts have been limited in their scope and scale. Too often, research has compared predominately White lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) adolescents to their heterosexual peers, ignoring the complex diversity within the sexual minority population (Savin-Williams, 2001; Poteat, Aragon, Espelage, & Koenig, 2009). This lack of within population research ignores important distinctions, masking which sexual minority populations are especially at risk. This paper will attempt to examine the unique experiences and challenges faced by LGB Native American adolescents, as well as the associated implications for the social work profession.
Minority stress model The minority stress model states that individuals from marginalized social statuses experience unique stressors that are specifically related to their minority status and the societal stigmas attached to such…
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