The Influence Of Social Media On Sports Business

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1. Write a complete plan on what social media you plan to use for your sport business. I would use every form of social media that I can, Twitter, snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram to get myself out to coaches, universities, and athletic departments around the United States. I plan to use Twitter as my main form of social media. Twitter is the largest base of social media and can reach all types of people, schools and coaches. Twitter allows you to post pictures, videos, and just post, you can follow all types of universities athletic programs and their coaches. Twitter allows you to reach millions of people from your own personal space, and you can even upload and keep up with it from your phone or tablet. 2. Determine approximately how much each form of media will cost you.…show more content…
The only thing that we would have to pay for is a geo-filter on snapchat that we could decide to use when we start to build a facility in a certain place. Geo-filters are $5 if you just want something on the bottom, or $8 if you want something on the bottom and the top. 3. What skills do you have to develop your social media plan? How much of the plan will require you to hire someone else to accomplish your social media
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