The Intake Clinical Interview By Client Paul Repko

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Based on the information obtained from the intake clinical interview by client Paul Repko, there is some evidence that could potentially define his symptoms as a mental disorder. First, there is some dysfunctional behavior as Paul notices that his attitude as a new divorce is affecting his ability to maintain relationships. Also, his state has caused Paul some distress causing him anxieties in several aspects of his life: financially, romantically and emotionally. Even his loved ones are noticing an increase in aggression since the divorce, especially towards different female characters in his life such as his sister and current girlfriend. Additionally, there is some sense of deviance and dangerousness due to Paul expressing his idea of discipline as a physical punishment, which is not socially acceptable and can potentially turn into abuse. For all these reasons, Paul came voluntarily to overcome his irritability and anxiety he has been experiencing more lately. However, in order to make an accurate diagnosis, there is certain information that could potentially help develop the most effective treatment. By the information provided during the interview, the clinician makes the assumption that Paul is suffering from Adjustment Disorder that was triggered from the separation of his beloved wife and caused him a feeling of hopelessness. Moreover, to make sure that it is a type of stress disorder, the clinician needs further exploration on the significant impairment in social,

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