The Invention Of Light Microscope By Robert Hooke

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Since the invention of light microscope by Robert Hooke and the study of living cells, knowledge in the field of science has developed tremendously. In fact, the development of computers in the twentieth century proved itself a real boon for education. Technology is a tool in teaching and learning processes. Technology and knowledge have always been complementary to each other. In school settings technology can be applied to ease the exchange of knowledge. In modern educational setting, PowerPoint presentations, video learning, video conferencing, online homework, and online examinations have become time saving and easy-to-use techniques. There are numerous types of scientific and technological equipment used by students. Some of them are computers, projectors, smartphones, tablets, smart pens, video and/or audio recorders. In addition to such equipment programs, the Internet has become a key medium for the exchange of information. A useful innovation available to students and learners is the World Wide Web. It lets us send electronic mails, communicate, and do research. Technology has improved higher education in a number of visible ways.
One of the technologies that help students the most is computers. They help students to learn various skills such as word processing, and access resources such as show links, mathematical formulas, and other features. Computers also help students and teachers to work collaboratively, communicate with each other, and learn important

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