The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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Proposition 63 “Firearms, Ammunition sales, Initiative Statute” proposes to help reduce gun violence. There are two clear sides to this proposition, those who support gun control laws and those against them. Gun control is an important debate not only in California but in all America. Although any opportunity to reduce gun violence is important, I think Proposition 63 is not an answer. What will Proposition 63 do? It will replace and update California’s gun and ammunition law. It creates requirements to buy ammunition and a license to sell ammunition from the Department of Justice. It will also prohibit purchasing ammunition from out-of-state without first passing through a dealer. Also, it will remove firearms from convicts. In Fiscal Impact, it will increase costs for state and local courts and law enforcement costs as well. (Prop 63) In the text of proposed law for Proposition 63 proposes it will close all loopholes and implement more extensive background checks. It also states we should worry more about gun violence in everyday life apart from the mass shootings and massacres. In the text of proposed laws informs us, “Gun violence destroys lives, families, and communities” (Prop 63 163) to put in perspective everyday tragedies. Which, leads us to the debate of the 2nd amendment. A person’s right to bear arms. Not only is our right based after the United States Constitution (2nd amendment), one can see this as common sense. This country was established on

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