The Issues Which Preventing Communication Within On Organisation Are Called Communication

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Communication Problem: - The issues which prevent communication within on organisation are called communication A. Problem: - Gender discrimination
Created by: - Doug and Jeremy
In this case study the firm is suffering from gender discrimination as when Richard introduce Lucy name Doug and Jeremy felts lightly uncomfortable because he has chosen a woman. They both were not happy with a young female working in their company.

B. Problem: - Lack of responsibility
Created by: - Doug
In this firm, many major subjects are neglected by Doug. Whenever Lucy demand more information about the company Doug refused to help her. He starts making excuses to quit from work.

C. Problem: - Difference in perception and
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B. Group discussion: - When we are known to the problem we can have group discussion in a formal way in which all the partners are informed to make their agendas and present in front of all.

C. Reconstruction of organisation structure and assign responsibilities: - In this firm responsibility are not shared among partners so it is essential to provide each person a responsibility and to reconstruct the organisation structure and assign appropriate responsibility to each member.

D. Define authority: - As we know that in any business decisions are very important part. This it is important to build an authority system in this firm who can take responsibility and has ability to articulate any decision.

E. Revise the profit share system: - Some partners in the firm demand to revise the profit share and this is adequate to happen here. The firm is running on some old policies and systems and it is very important to change it for the betterment of firm. The deserving employees must get appreciated for their work in cash and kind.

Best strategy

A. Group discussion: - The most appropriate solution if their problem is group discussion because instead of capital sharing issue partners have some other problems also like gender discrimination misunderstandings about fraud, betrayal in adequate responsibility share and many more. These problems cannot be resolve by
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