The Leadership Of A Leadership Position

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When in a leadership position one must understand how influential they are to an organization. Their guidance and leadership will be a determining factor to the success of the organization. The leadership skills and style are key components that dictate the performance and action of the employees under that leadership. As a leaders it is important to know what you have control over. Leaders control both interpersonal and material rewards and punishments that often shape employee behavior and influence an employee’s performance, motivation, and attitude. They can affect an employee’s self-image and resulting potential in either a positive or negative way by being supportive, fair, and encouraging, or unsupportive, inconsistent, and critical. In addition, they can even affect an employee’s health and energy level by creating a stimulating work climate or one filled with tension and fear. The influence of a leader’s style reaches greater proportions as the effects on individuals begin to have a cumulative effect on group performance. There are no doubt variables other than a leader’s style that affect employee performance and satisfaction. Certainly, job challenge and interest, organizational working conditions and work climate, opportunities for growth and advancement, and peer relations among other factors should be considered. However, the potential consequences of a leader’s style should be understood and not be underestimated. In this document I will identify an
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