The Leadership Style Of The Well Known Businesswoman Who Shattered The Glass Ceiling, Martha Stewart

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The purpose of this research is to analyze the leadership style of the well-known businesswoman who shattered the glass ceiling, Martha Stewart. Ms. Stewart is a very successful businesswoman whose leadership style has contributed to her success and failures. As child, certain values were instilled in Ms. Stewart that has been evident in the way she conducts business today. There are so many different leadership styles and it is important that leaders analyze the pros and cons of each. As a result, leaders are able to distinguish which is most effective for the type of team members he or she will be responsible for.
Ms. Stewart’s autocratic leadership is not favored by her team members and associates. This research will analyze the effects of an autocratic leadership style on the organization as a whole and the team members themselves. There is a reason why most are not too fond of the autocratic leadership style. In today’s world, most employees are not receptive to an autocratic leadership style. The theories that are discussed are based on what motivates team members. Are team members self-motivated? Do team members dislike working? Is little direction needed? In order to ensure results, do team members have to be enticed? The answers to these questions determine what type of behavior the leader should possess in order to effectively lead his or her team members.
Martha Stewart is known for many things, including a convicted felon. However, there is no question that she

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