The Learning Theory And Its Importance

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The learning Theory and its importance
There exist several theories that support learning. These are the conceptual guidelines and frameworks that explain how information from a tutor is absorbed by students, processed and then retained.
According to Fontana, (1984) in behaviorism theories of learning, a learner is born blank, and they only obtain their behavior from the environment. He or she is perceived to be passive responding to the environment he or she operates in. Fontana adds that a learner’s behavior changes according to what the environment impacts on him or her. Both negative and positive environmental factors shape individuals to adopt behavior. This is very important to the tutor, since he or she will have a guide n what best environment will support best behavior in students, and which one to avoid.
The cognitive theory is also one of the theories in learning. It focuses on the mental process of the learner, to explain behavior. Nooteboom, (2009) analyses mental perceptions like learning, memory language use, thinking, creativity, and problem solving. Nooteboom also explains how these factors affect learning. He adds that effective learning will only take place if the learner is attentive. He analyses the memory status of a learner. This is very important to the teacher for he or she will be able to evaluate his or her class, and identify the status of the class in order to help those students with a lower memory catch up with those with higher memories and

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