The Link Between Cigarettes And Lung Cancer

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In the early 1950’s a British scientist by the name of Sir Richard Doll discovered that there was a link between cigarettes and lung cancer. He was the first of many scientist who discovered this shocking fact. Sir Doll’s discovery forced tobacco companies to put a warning on their products so that users would know exactly how dangerous tobacco products are. These warnings still didn’t prevent people from using their products and people continued to die from lung cancer. This spike in lung cancer was serious and scientist knew that something needed to be done. In 1967 people decided to take matters into their own hands and start anti-smoking campaigns. These campaigns created well thought out ads such as this one where there’s a man hung by a smoking cigarette. With a quote that reads “It’s called suicide because it’s your choice.” The cigarette in the image is supposed to symbolize a noose which is meant to inform smokers that putting a cigarette to your mouth is the same thing as putting a noose around your head, one just takes more time to kill you. However you view the situation suicide is suicide it doesn’t matter if it’s prolonged or within seconds the end result is someone causing their own death. The advertisers understand that people who smoke cigarettes put themselves at risk of getting lung cancer and dying but just telling someone this information isn’t going to convince them to stop smoking. So the advertisers created a suicide by cigarette themed ad. In this

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