The Management Theories Of The Lancaster Advertising Company

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The revolution of business has undergone radical and dramatic changes in the last decade that present extraordinary challenges for the contemporary manager. The purpose of this particular report is to analyse and evaluate the potential problems in the Lancaster Advertising case. Lancaster Advertising presents a unique and simplistic idea of the ‘free agents’ structure that eliminates full time employees that allow freedom in his work. The following paper will highlight all two management themes issues: virtual communication and management control concerning the effectiveness of good communication in Lancaster Advertising Company. There is no doubt that the company has a diverse operating style nevertheless, the company has extensive managerial problems with regards to ineffective communication within the hierarchy which disrupts the management structure of the company. Finally, solution and recommendations will be followed discussing the apparent and possible solutions relating to the management theories of behavioural approaches, administrative principles and contingency approach. Additionally, suggestion for ways to improve the company’s potential growth. Additionally suggestions will be discussed to improve the company’s potential growth and to improve the efficiency in which problems are identified.
Problem Identification
This report will discuss the primary problem communication in Lancaster’s Company whilst breaking the problems of virtual communication
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