The Marketing Of A Marketing Audit

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A marketing audit is a comprehensive and methodical examination of a company’s failures and successes in terms of marketing. An audit, evaluates the market environment, the marketing strategies, and the company’s goals to better see where the company may be falling short, and similarly, it shows what is working. In this Audit we will be observing several fields of marketing relative to the Sony Corporation, it will examine and focus on the Marketing Mix, Environmental Analysis, and SWOT Analysis. These Analyses will enable us to better understand Sony’s strategies in regards to marketing, what influences affect the company, and what changes may need to be made in order to correct negative impacts.

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They went on to create the first wide screen HD TV, digital recording device, digital camera, and blue ray player. They developed the first LCD device, the first Internet TV powered by Google and that’s just a brief overview of all the innovations, inventions, and products associated with the Sony Corporation. (####)
The first computer related product from Sony was introduced in 1967. They co-developed the microprocessor collaborating with Intel Corp. in 1971; however, the core of their electronics sales continued to stream from the audio and visual electronic equipment such as TV’s and radio systems. Sony has always stayed true to their mission of designing with functionality and portability in mind and as that became important to consumers in regards to laptop design, Sony was ahead of the curb creating more compact designs in addition to the co-development of the word processor and the 3.5 inch floppy disc which was a new and innovative recording medium at the time. (####) Currently, Sony has become one of the foremost manufacturers of audio, video, information and communication products for both the customer and the professional business markets; furthermore, its products are synonymous with quality, and value.

Sony’s mission and vision is to design and create innovative quality products which benefit customers. Their marketing goals are to increase sells, create innovative quality products, and deliver value to their customers, clients, and partners in

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