The Marketing Strategy Of Marco Gianni Shoes Essay

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In Marco Gianni Shoes’ case, basically, the owners did not have any marketing strategy. Because in order to create a marketing strategy, there are four necessary aspects that must be considered.
First of all, the operators must be aware of their target market and what kind of product they intend to provide to their target customers. And the next step is to make a decision about what kind of relationship do the operators intend to form with their customers or suppliers. Thirdly, in order to create this strategy, what level of investment is required and how will the operators allocate and locate the required resources. Finally the operators must have detailed objectives and action plans (David, 2015a).
It is clear that the operators of Marco Gianni Shoes did not consider all of these four aspects.
Marco Gianni Shoes opened in a fashion center of Auckland, it is a fantastic location, plenty of customers passing by their store every day. But the owners-Leo and Josth really messed up with their market positioning. They never considered what customer segmentation they are going to focus. And they did not think about what are the appropriate products for this customer segmentation. So the shop was made by an "Italian designed" images, low price shoes that are coming from Chinese manufacture and a very horrible indoor decoration which does not fit the high street environment.
For the second aspect, Leo and Josth had no intention to build any relationship with both their customer

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