The Needs Of Employees And Various Types Of Management

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Employee Motivation Stephanie Nix American Public University Executive Summary This is an essay on two different theories and how they outline the needs of employees and various types of management. The relationship between motivation and success in groups and organizations will be analyzed. Employee Motivation Motivation is a state of mind, desire, energy or interest that translates into action. (Nahavandi, Denhardt, & Aristigueta 2015). An employee’s willingness to respond to an organization’s requirements, or productivity is directly related to how motivated they are in their workplace. It is important for managers to motivate their employees if they want their company to be successful. In order for this motivation to happen, the manager must understand the employee’s needs and perceptions. There are several different theories in which link job satisfaction and motivation. This essay explains two of them in more detail: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and McGregor’s X/Y theory. Both theories see motivation as the main factor in maximizing productivity in the workplace. The first theory, the hierarchy of needs, describes behavior as being directed toward the satisfaction of human needs. Needs are things that are lacking and are desired and are based on personality and values. (Nahavandi et al, 2015) According Abraham Maslow, the creator of this theory, a person’s needs are the main motivator. There are five categories or level of needs (ranging

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