The Network : A Transformational Shift

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Heart of the Matter

Ready or not, today’s large IT organizations are undergoing a transformational shift, moving from an operational focus to becoming enablers of business innovation. Increasingly tasked with delivering high-quality services that enable the business to grow on demand and in the most cost effective way, CFOs should redefine success from simply on-time, on-budget delivery of IT projects to continuously providing value to the business.The networking world in the last decade has seen huge advancement in the devices that we use for the access of the networks, applications and services that we have become so dependent on. But the underlying network has not seen any change in the same time frame.

SDN & NFV represent the change to the underlying networks that has been in the pipeline and helps offer a new way in design, deployment and management of the network. SDN and NFV ability to lower capital and operating expenditures are their primary attractions

Software-defined networking is an approach to networking where control plane is decoupled from the underlying hardware infrastructure and managed centrally on commodity hardware or an appliance.

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) mainly offers a new way to design, deploy and manage networking services. NFV decouples the primary networking functions from proprietary hardware appliances in to a virtualized software layer to consolidate network functions on to commodity hardware.

This technology has a great…
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