The Nurse's Role as a Researcher

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As Smeltzer et al. (2009) further point out; the need for constant studies cannot be overstated when it comes to the determination of the effectiveness of not only nursing interventions but also nursing care. Thus nurses must also be consumers of the study findings. In that regard, a nurse in today's care setting should ideally be detail oriented, analytical, creative and inquisitive. Further, it also does help for nurses to be familiar with both the language of research and the research process.
Nurse's Role as a Collaborator In basic terms, collaboration means working with others in an attempt to accomplish a common goal. A nurse in today's nursing environment must be able to engage in joint decision making especially as part of a team. A nurse should also be able to collaborate effectively with other stakeholders including but not limited to relevant agencies, patients as well as families so as to ensure that appropriate action is taken through joint decision making.
Nurse's Role as a Clinician Nurses possess a wide range of skills that enable them to offer individuals and their…
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