The Positive Effects Of Video Games

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There have been numerous health and educational reports concerning video gaming however, there is still much debate over what effect such lifestyle has on adolescent development. The following essay will aim to address the negative affect on youth in today’s society by exploring the relationship between video gaming and childhood and adolescent obesity(Sandra L. Calvert, Amanda E. Staiano & Bradley J. Bond) and addiction (gentile 2009). This document will address the links between video games and the distortion of realistic perceptions of body image or personality. It will explore the relationship of adolescent violent behaviour and video gaming and the use of these and potential sleep problems. Finally this document will outline the use of educational gaming in schools in a positive effect. Adolescent obesity has become more prevalent in today’s society. Case studies show that “ the implementation of a time limit for screen time is particularly important for younger children . However the risks associated with video games and computers are not as substantial as watching television. Both activities are not a substitution for physical activity. ” (Sandra L. Calvert, Amanda E. Staiano, Bradley J. Bond). Furthermore according to the Australian institute of health and wellness (2014) “n 2014-15, around one in four (27.4%) children aged 5-17 years were overweight or obese, this comprised of 20.2% overweight and 7.4% obese. There has been no change in the proportion of

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