The Principles Of Strategic Marketing Management Of Primark

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Strategic Marketing Management

Task 1:

This report is a study of principles of Strategic marketing management by considering Primark. Primark Ltd is a subsidiary of Associated British Foods Plc (ABF) It operates stores in the UK, and other European countries. According to Primark Handbook, (2006/2007), Primark is a fashion retail store that was established in Dublin in 1969. Primark is a part of the Associated British Food group (ABF) whose mission is to develop sustainable agricultural practices. Primark has 237 branches across Europe with 156 outlets in the UK.
The company was established in Dublin in 1969, where it trades under the Penney’s brand. Over the years Primark continues to expend and now employs over 27,000 this …show more content…

Indeed a marketing strategy aimed at differentiating the business in a positive way with respect to its competition through satisfying customer needs.
According to Tony proctor (Strategic Marketing, 2000) a strategy is a plan that integrates an organization’s major goals, policies, decisions and sequences of action into a cohesive whole. It can apply at all levels in an organization and pertain to any of the functional areas of management. Thus there may be production, financial, marketing, personnel and corporate strategies.
Strategic management is about realizing marketing from the strategic perspective of creating customers. The basic principles of Primark include respecting human rights and setting a guideline for appropriate conditions of employment in its suppliers, employees and vice versa. The basic principle of strategic marketing is to strategically satisfy the needs and demands of existing and potential customers.
The strategic marketing management involves understanding and applying marketing from the perspective through creating customers. In performing this process a number of steps are taken iteratively (Kerin et al,

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