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Simply Optimized: Optimizing Your Businesses Social Media Profiles for the “Big 3”
It’s difficult to believe that 10 years ago extends social media as we know it today didn’t exist. Household names such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, LinkedIn and many others simply didn’t exist. Social media’s growth has been exponential and its reach into society now bleeds into every portion of human socialization and communication, it occupies our attention and shapes public discussion. Even the most traditional or tech phobic businesses cannot believe it away into non-existence. The necessity to market and promote your business through social media has in part become part of the new reality. Whether you were slow to “climb on the bandwagon” or want to make your business standout on social media there are a few simple tips of things you can do today to make this possible. Let’s take a look at the “Big 3”: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Facebook- First, Facebook exists for more reasons than posting cat memes, catching the latest gossip, or reconnecting with old friends/flames- it is a solid business platform. By incorporating Facebook into your marketing strategy you open the door potentially to a network of over 213 million active users in the US and Canada alone. How do you create a successful Facebook Business Page? According to there are certain elements you cannot ignore:
1. Select the right name: Selecting the right first word

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