The Process of Communication

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I have often foundt aht focusing on the process of communication rather than on all the minutia of effective communication may likely help one become a better communicator without the needless haranguing that sometimes accompany those who feel that they fail. Let's consider the process of communication: What you have is the incoming message, the conveyance message to recipient - and the recipient. Both people, recipient and receiver, decode and encode and then again encode and decode the message through their respective brains., each person's brain has been formed by his or her experiences and biological makeup. In other words,each person infuses different meanings particular meaning in the message when he places it together,a nd when he decodes it, understands it in his particular way. The person's encoding effects to not only the way that he articulates his words or the words that he/s he uses but also the mannerism that accompany it. Hispanics, for instance, may use more touch to denote attention and closeness. At the same time, Hispanics tend to be more formal to older people than Americans are using a lot of formal terms that many Americans mistakenly conclude to be subservient. A person's cultural patterns vocabulary, tone, terms, as well as mannerisms, accompany the message. As the message is conveyed, extraneous elements can effect it too. These extraneous elements attach themselves to the message adding a certain nuance and tone. Characteristics, for
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