The Pros And Cons Of Chinese Gaokao

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Today I am going to talk about the Chinese Gaokao which is making lots of student stress in china. I am going to talk about both side of the argument which is “is Chinese Gaokao too stress for student studying in china.” Chinese Gaokao is an exam which last for two days. It is one of the toughest exam being sat in China in which the student have to get high mark to get enrolled into a good university. For those student who fail the exam they have the option of resit the exam, opt out of the exam for employment opportunity or sitting alternative exam system like the SAT. The experience is very painful for student who sits gaokao for the very first time. Student prepare 12 years for these two of their most important date in their life (7th of June- 9th June). Most of the student would be relieved when they walked out of that exam room by the end of each days. You don’t have a choice of what subject to choose. Math, English and Chinese are the three compulsory Gaokao subject you have to take and you can choose one additional science subject of your choice. Students in the last year at high school revise 17 hour each day to tackle the Chinese Gaokao examination. They have to suffer homework, reading books every night and they don’t go out to play. Other than curriculum education student also participate in after school activities such as badminton, calligraphy, and piano and violin lesson. They have a very busy year and it is very stressing for them as they have to hand

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