The Pros And Cons Of Vegetarianism

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Imagine a world where thousands of animals are being killed by vegetarians and vegans. Well, guess what? You live in that world. People become vegetarian or vegan for many reasons. One of them is to ‘spare the lives of animals’, but by estimate “…300 animals per acre—including mice, rats, moles, groundhogs, and birds—are killed for the production of vegetable and grain foods, often in gruesome ways.” We may not like these animals very much but we’re still killing them. Even if they’re not as obvious as pigs, chickens, or cows. Whereas only one animal is killed to produce grass-fed beef and no lives are taken for milking a dairy cow. "What is it that makes it OK to kill animals of the field so that we can eat [vegetables or fruits] but not pigs or chickens or cows?"
Many growing children suffering from nutrient deficiencies because of a vegetarian or vegan diet. Instead of eating meat, that contains lots of protein, which helps them feel fuller for a longer time, they’re substituting it for junk food that doesn’t satisfy the stomach for very long. “You can live on potato chips, cookies, candy and soda and still by definition be a vegetarian!” Iron is the most common nutrient deficiency for vegetarians and vegans, especially in children. “That's because iron-rich plants contain a type of iron that's harder for the body to absorb than the iron found in animal products.” If the child’s doctor doesn’t know that the child is vegetarian or vegan, they might not know to test for

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