The Purpose Of The Study Was To Examine The Quality Of

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The purpose of the study was to examine the quality of the literacy environment in inclusive early childhood special education (ECSE) classroom. There was two focuses in the study. The first, was to describe the quality of the literacy environment in terms of the structure and instruction. This includes book materials, print and writing materials. The other focus was to examine the interrelationship among teacher and classroom factors and quality of the structural literacy of the literacy environment.
The importance of the structural and instructural aspects of the classroom learning environment on the children’s literacy development has been proven by numerous studies. A large quantity of research suggests that having a library that …show more content…

The data presented in this study, is directly relevant to the present research aims previously stated in the purpose. To get into the larger study, classroom teachers participated in 1-hr information sessions provided by the school district. To recruit children in the study, consent forms were sent to caregivers of all the children in each classroom. The screening process allows up to 10 individuals into the study, 6 with IEPs and 4 children who were typically developing. In addition to the information sessions, teachers were required to complete a portfolio of questionnaires. Also, a 2-hr observation was conducted in order to find out the quality of the classroom literacy environment. Each classroom was videotaped during the observations. The portfolio was finished with the caregivers of the children answering questionnaires, including about their demographic characteristics and indirect assessment of the child’s literacy development.
The study indicated three primary findings. The first was that the structural environment was deemed generally low to moderate in quality. The second was that the majority of inclusive classrooms found to provide a limited amount of printed and writing materials. On the other hand, most classrooms provided some sort of writing center or other materials. Finally, the study showed the quality of the structural literacy environment in preschool or kindergarten was low or modest.
The study looked at both

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