The Regional Public Health Office

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The regional public health office will be assembled to meet the needs of Chula City, to provide programs and community interventions that administer evidence-based prevention and healthcare services to improve the health of the population. The new public health office will be guided by the key functions necessary for public health services to include; (1) monitoring of health of the population, (2) diagnose and investigate health problems in the community, (3) mobilize partners to solve health problems, (4) develop plans and policies for health, (5) enforce laws and requirements for safety and health, (6) inform and educate the community on health issues, (7) assure that the workforce is competent, (8) link people to other services that…show more content…
With this intention, local public health offices in the surrounding area have agreed to provide training and services as needed for emergency preparedness and drug/alcohol programs. Moreover, other programs and services will be contracted out; lab services for HIV/TB/STD screening and cancer screening, treatment of HIV/AIDS/TB, and lead inspection regulation program (NACCHO, 2008).
Budget Justification
Regional in Kind: Operational/Infrastructure and Staff
The regional public health office will absorb the costs associated with operations and materials associated with programs; this would include HIV testing materials, immunization supplies, program supplies, primary healthcare, child and maternal health, population based primary prevention to include child and maternal health. Emergency preparedness coordinator is not included in the proposed staff, since the regional office has determined that they have the capacity to assist if needed, provide training, and will be doing outreach in Chula City as a regional effort.
Budgeted Staff
.75 FTE Public Health Physician: responsible for overseeing primary, child and maternal health clinical services that is associated with clinic visits and referrals. This person will be the health practitioner for the clinic and is also responsible for providing expertise to the communicable/infectious disease program
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