The Role Of A Nurse And Social Services

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This essay aims to consider the role of a nurse in relation to the care of an elderly patient, this can be planned using the care planning cycle both whilst in hospital and before discharge. It will also look at the role social services play when deciding on the patients future care needs. The role of the nurse and social services can be explained by looking into the bio-medical and socio-medical models of health. Good communication is vital when taking care of an elderly patient and this will be discussed within the communication cycle. It is important to consider the disease processes in old age and how the support and treatment relates to the care value base and rights of the client along with the NMC code of conduct and legislation in …show more content…

It made the task of personal care very difficult. Mr Williams still appears disinterested and has not been eating much at all. However he appears to have struck up a bond with a day time nurse who he is happy to engage with and seems to trust. Mr Williams has been assigned a Social Worker whose role is to assess and decide whether he is in a safe position to return home or if it would be beneficial to him to be placed within a care home.

This essay will discuss all aspects of Mr Williams stay within hospital and his options with regards to future care beyond discharge.

On admission to hospital a nurse would implement a care plan to help Mr Williams through his time in hospital. A care plan aims to meet the individual needs of a patient and one highly used approach can be defined as a person centered. This was first developed by Dr Carl Rogers between the 1940s and 1960s and was considered radical and at the time revolutionary. His theory pushed towards the individual to seek out and fulfil their own personal potential whilst the therapist would create an environment where a person would psychologically and physically feel free from any threat, this would ultimately be achieved by a positive, genuine and empathetic setting created by the therapist. These ideas have since been transferred to many roles where people are in relationships such as childcare, teaching and patient care as is the case with Mr

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