The Role Of Conflict And Conflict Management

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Thesis Even though group behavior and how groups function affect organizations at their core so strategies have to be developed and implemented for entities to work, Major concepts in leaders and leadership are communication, competition, and conflict. Because of the direct emphasis that competition brings and why communication is the key factor of the solution, . The effects of conflict and conflict management in organizations and the value of highly skilled organizational leader and their leadership capabilities. In organizations, conflict is regarded as the existence of struggle that occurs when the goals, interests or values of different individuals or groups are incompatible and frustrates each other’s effort to achieve objectives.…show more content…
Leader development is only one side of leadership development but has a much larger, deeper and expansive process. It focuses on developing an individual’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. This practice is driven by the achievement of personal goals and, when successful, yields individual progress, outcomes and results. In disparity, leadership development focuses on building networked relationships or social capital and wider team/organizational leadership capacity, as well as strengthening engagement and shaping culture. It is driven completely by collective goals thus, when successful, it produces collective outcomes and results. Leader development assumes that effective leadership happens by developing individuals intra-personal skills. Which assumes that the greater the level of personal development and stability individual reaches, the better leaders they will become. Leadership development is more concerned with the concept of give-and-take , promises or commitments individuals have with each other, and which relate to the achievement of collective goals and are built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect. Methods and strategies for leader development and leadership development are different. Leader development usually uses the strategy of assessment tools that focus on competencies, individual
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