The School Or Local Community Essay

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This unit had students looking more closely at their past and how it relates to the present. The students also spent a great deal of time learning about foundational skills that can help them further along in their studies. I focused on analyzing two objectives for my class. The first objective is to be able to compare and contrast the present day community to that of the past using primary sources. The second objective is to create simple timelines to describe important events in the history of the school or local community.

My students were given the pretest on Wednesday, November 2nd after they took their test on the previous unit. A majority of the students did not complete the pretest due to time constraints, which I believe is why only two of the students received above a 50 percent on objective 1. There were two multiple choice questions worth 1 point, a fill in the blank and t-chart activity worth 10 points, and a 2 point written response. I believe the students could 've received higher grades on this objective, if they had been given enough time to complete this pre-assessment.

Overall, I was surprised at how much the students did not understand the primary and secondary source questions on the pretest. I know this is material they have not had a lot of exposure to, but many of the students gave up when it came to the t-chart activity and the written response. Although I was upset about the scores being so low for the first objective, I was pleased to

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