The Security Of Cloud Computing

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The following will take a look into what is could computing and what are the potential security issues, I will be covering topics such as why would a company use cloud computing and how could computing is beneficial for an organisation. I will also look into the security of cloud computing. I will then go on to discuss what is being done to combat these issues, touching on the policies used by Netflix, Sony and Apple. Technical usage of the term cloud computing is the description of distributed systems, the running of a single instance of an application over many connected machines. However the term has now evolved as a synonym for the internet as a whole, with the platforms and application provided on it described as a service. Saying…show more content…
There are 3 different types of cloud computing: private, public and hybrid cloud. The private cloud is only used by one company, this is either used internally or it is outsourced to another company. The public cloud is when the cloud and all of its services are accessible by anyone. A Hybrid cloud is a combination of the two. One of the main companies that use the cloud is Netflix, when Netflix found that it was out pacing its traditional data centre 's capabilities, it turned to the cloud for help with scalability in order to meet the spikes in demand and the lulls in activity. On the average week night in North America Netflix accounts for nearly a third of the all the internet traffic. Apple’s hallmark is to be on the cutting edge of technology, so it comes as no surprise that Apple turned to cloud computing to manage the release of Siri, a program that mimics a person listening ability and offers answers to users’ questions. While most recognize Siri by its voice, the actual magic happens in the cloud where users’ questions are sent and processed before an answer is given. The cloud has allowed Apple to expand and adapt Siri overtime without Apple users ever knowing there was a change. The security issues In august 2014 third party software had been used to steal intimate photos of over 100+ celebrities from apple 's iCloud, the hackers exploited apple 's find my iPhone service, which could

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