The Sheep Car Complex By Thane Rosenbaum

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Over time everything falls apart. Everything starts to fade away into nothingness. Regardless of its magnitude or importance it all fades away. In Thane Rosenbaum’s The Cattle Car Complex, the author says, “The Holocaust fades like a painting exposed to too much sun.” (Rosenbaum, 5). He is showing that even something of the sheer magnitude of the Holocaust loses importance and significance and becomes obsolete. Nothing can last forever. Eventually everything reaches a point where it becomes forgotten and has escaped every tiny crevice of every living mind. By this point the world will have long forgotten and become utterly devoid of any trace of what has happened. Even something as horrific as the Holocaust will fall victim to this curse. Words, memories, and stories are warped and distorted as they are passed down from person to person. The stories are the clay created by the earth and they are shaped and molded by the mouths of the people that listen and retell them. The books they are written in are the kiln that makes them permanent and gives them influence and value. Adam Posner, the main character of The Cattle Car Complex, is a product of the memories branded into the minds of his parents. His words are replications of his parents suffering. When he is trapped in an elevator, all of the memories imprinted onto him, all of the horrors locked in the attic of Mr. Posner’s subconscious are unleashed, and the result is the Holocaust being brought back into the light from

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