The Sociological Impact Of The Media And The Mass Media

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Marshall McLuhan’s and Lawrence Alloway’s writing looks at how technology, such as radio, tv, etc., affects the world and how mass media affects culture through its opinions, art, and political influence. Their thoughts, though somewhat difficult, are similar to the current reality and therefore easier to relate to. In their collective writings they discusses five key points: technologies as extensions of ourselves, the electrical age bringing a global embrace; sense ratio and the impact from technology; the artist’s role to model coping with change, and humanities understanding of the artist's role. It was McLuhan that created the phrase "the medium is the message". This is, any change to something is a creation, and what we create is the “medium”. By looking at the effect this change has made on the original object we can see the meaning of what we have created, which is our “message”. For example, when a new technology is created it comes with a message or change, though the what may be unseen. With a new age comes a new technology whose changes bring certain sociological effects on humanity. From McLuhan’s writing we see that he believes this is partly due to humanity’s interconnections to these technologies, or as he puts it, an extension of ourselves like a leg or an arm (McLuhan, 754). It is through these extensions that humanity shifts how the world is felt. This is referred to in McLuhan’s writing as the shifting of sense ratio, in other words, the ratio in which

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