The Software Development Plan ( Sdp ) Essay

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1. Overview The software development plan (SDP) provides an overview of the schedule, tasks, and resources required to build and deliver the Bed and Breakfast room management tracker. This document will list, in detail, the project assumptions, deliverables, and schedule. 1.1 Summary 1.1.1 Purpose, Scope and Objectives The objectives of the RMT are to provide software to increase the efficiency of personnel managing small bed and breakfast company. By providing a software application to manage the calendar, available reservations, rooms and date ranges, user information, and financial transactions associated with reservations, the managers of the bed and breakfast can easily schedule bookings amongst a large set of clients, while easily managing reservations across a broad time frame. In order to accommodate both the needs of management and potential clients, the software should provide functionality specifically limited to the above areas. By not providing an out of scope functionality, such as extended financial transaction holdings, information about other organizations, and the scope the software is specific to the needs of the clients. The objectives of the RMT are guided by efficiency. Extensive integration with the clients is required. Elimination of manual processes, where appropriate, are necessary to assist the user of the RMT in working with clients over the phone and in-person, depending on the current situation at hand. The products that will be delivered
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