The Stages Of The Phase Of A Program

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The “forming phase” was smoother in the classroom exercise than my real world experiences. The greatest bottleneck that I face during this phase in the real world is the lack of shared leadership and accountability among the team members. With team members joining the projects in different phases of the project, I feel the forming phase runs through the course of the project.
Stage 2- Storming: When individuals compete for acceptance and status:
In corporate settings, the storming phase is inevitable. In some cases, this phase extends through the duration of the project. So I was puzzled when we skipped this stage altogether during our team building exercise. Why did we skip this phase during our exercise? The top three on my list of reasons are lack of ego, authority or hierarchy among the team members. The MBA team didn’t have anything to lose. There was no competition for a promotion, a raise or individual credit for a work well done or the fear of losing the job or making our management look bad. Every team member during this phase is trying to answer the question “What’s in it for me?”. Till each member gets a satisfying answer to this question and their answer aligns with the goal of the project, this phase will continue.
Stage 3- Norming: When team adjusts and working together becomes normal:
During preparation, we came up with a couple of designs and we had one of the team member try a prototype for gaining height for the structure using the cups. He worked on it on
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