The Strengths Of A Professional Educator

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As a professional educator it is important to not only understand one’s strengths, but also know how to use them. The strengths finder quiz, developed by The Gallup Organization, is the first step towards utilizing talents through building one’s own strengths. This thirty minute quiz gives an insight into the quiz takers top five strengths. By having these top strengths identified, the participant can get a better understanding of their personality strengths and work to apply these strengths within their professional field. My number one strength, according to the assessment, is WOO. Originally, I had no idea what this word entailed. After reading the StrengthsQuest book, I learned that this stands for winning other over. In other words, I am passionate about connecting with others and winning people over. Having this as my number one strength was no surprise. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and being in the company of others. As any of my friends would tell you, I am a social butterfly who is always looking for acceptance. I feel that there are multiple ways I can apply this strength to my career as a physical educator. “The genius of Woo talents is in your ability to quickly connect with people and become a catalysis in helping them connect with one another. You have an exceptional sense of how to draw people out.”(Anderson, Clifton, Schreiner, 2006, p. 70) This strength could very easily help me connect with my future athletes by giving them a sense of unity. By

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